A clue to being me – Excitement junkie

During a skiing day with my friend Jennie and her friend Tomas, Jennie said: “you are very much alike, you need the excitement to get your serotonin levels going. I have another friend” she continued ” who’s girlfriend tells him to go bungee jumping when he gets too anxious around the house”.

Sunset Paragliding from Åreskutan

Sunset Paragliding from Åreskutan

This is exactly how I feel when I sit down too much, don’t get out and do exciting stuff. Earlier in my life I could get my kicks from my work, but sometimes I felt I had to go running just to get relaxed. Now after a fortnight with a runny nose, my legs feel like thew want to glide out of the seat and get going… so I went winter camping, running and then paragliding.

Now my body want’s more – excitement junkie?

Now I got the itches again. Food, then some work, then cross coutry skiing before dinner and yoga!

Winter camping, a unique experience

Find hotels boring? Try winter camping!

Would you like to see and experience something new. We arrange camping somewhere close to Åre resort, location depending on wind and snow. Sometimes under a starlit sky, sometimes in full storm. Always an adventure!

Vintercamping och frukost i det fria

Winter camping breakfast

But even if the weather outside seem unpredictable the tent is always warm and cosy, and thanks to great equipment from leading manufacturers you will be comfortable and warm inside the sleeping bag.

If the unexpected should happen during the night (we are out in nature after all) you will always have the guide sleeping in the tent next to yours.

Winter camping also offers some of the best possibilities to see Nordic Lights, but the feeling of a sparkling Milky Way above is unbelievable.

For breakfast we’ll arrange a typical expedition breakfast and coffee or tea. After breakfast you can enjoy a day hiking, skiing or exploring Åre.

The price €270 /2 persons include

All equipment excluding personal clothing and (if necessary) skis, including

  • inside liner for the sleeping bag, naturally washed between clients
  • thermos, water bottle, kitchen appliances
  • expedition breakfast (please let us now of allergies when booking,  gluten and lactose free is standard)
  • max 6 persons

Call +46 76 051 06 06 for reservations or email jonas@ressult.se for information

Additional adventures

XC skiing or snow shoe hiking (incl equipment and lunch) full day €150 per person

Turskidåkning med pulka

Cross country skiing with pulka

We start the day renting equipment (if possible we set it up before you arrive) and start hiking with skis and pulkas  towards the mountain or the valley. Under ways we cook a lunch and maybe we will see reindeer, ptarmigan (native bird) or even a fox. We will adapt the hike depending on previous knowledge, age and experience.

Whole day with snow kiting lessons €120 per person (incl equipment and lunch)

Snökiting vid Ullådalen

Snow kiting at Ullådalen

During a day you will learn the basics of snow kiting and with help only of the wind race over the mountain. After lunch and getting the idea, you will get to try some larger kites.

Link to a movie of snow kiting on the lake

Power of addiction revisited

"Hungry Ghosts Scroll Kyoto 2" by Unknown - Tokyo National Museum, Emuseum. Licensed under Public domain via Wikimedia Commons - http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Hungry_Ghosts_Scroll_Kyoto_2.jpg#mediaviewer/File:Hungry_Ghosts_Scroll_Kyoto_2.jpg

“Hungry Ghosts Scroll Kyoto 2” by Unknown

Keep coming back to this video by Gabor Mate.

“If my mother is not happy around me she must not want me” – so simple and so devastating.

I this why we try to feed our “hungry ghost” because feeling unwanted as children?

Link to Wikipedia on Hungry Ghosts (5.30 into the clip)

Previous post on the topic

Image tribute: “Hungry Ghosts Scroll Kyoto 2” by Unknown – Tokyo National Museum, Emuseum. Licensed under Public domain via Wikimedia Commons – http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Hungry_Ghosts_Scroll_Kyoto_2.jpg#mediaviewer/File:Hungry_Ghosts_Scroll_Kyoto_2.jpg

Fjällvandra i Jämtländska fjällen


Att fjällvandra är bland det bästa vi vet – frihet och glädje i naturen. Under 3 dagar och nätter kommer ni att få uppleva fjällvärlden från alla olika sidor, högt uppe på berget, långt nere i dalen, bland sten och ljung. Förhoppningsvis ser vi fjälltypiska djur som ripor och ren, och kanske till och med fjällräv och vissa år lämlar.

Vi kommer att bo i tält och njuta av enkelheten och varandras sällskap – perfekt tillfälle att prova på att fjällcampa i bra utrustning. Skulle ni vilja övernatta på fjällstationer istället går det självklart att ordna. Favoriter är STF Storulvån, Sylarna och Helags där det även går att få restaurangmiddag, ta en bastu och kanske ett glas vin efter dagens strapatser.

Priset gäller vid minst 2 bokade personer, max 6 personer, start och slut från Storulvån, Vålådalen eller Åre. För andra platser begär offert. Transfer från Åre och Östersund flygplats kan ordnas.

I priset 1995 kr/person ingår

All utrustning exklusive personliga kläder och eventuellt skidor vintertid

  • expeditionsmat – gott, näringsrikt och enkelt, 3 middagar, 3 luncher, 3 frukostar
  • tält, sovsäck, liggunderlag
  • termos, vattenflaska, köksutrustning
  • äventyrlig utflykt som klättring eller bergsbestigning

Vi använder rejäl utrustning från ledande leverantörer.

Vi anordnar även längre turer, turer med fokus på coachning. Inget är för stort eller svårt – vi löser det!


Ice climbing, an adventure for the whole family

Ice-climbing in Åre, a full day activity

Ice-climbing in Åre, a full day activity

A fantastic one-day adventure somewhere close to Åre

We will take you to an ice wall in nature where we will go through the equipment and how to climb. You will then take turns climbing and aid in the cooking of lunch and enjoy a  day outdoors. Ice-climbing is exciting and hard, but not dangerous, and afterwards you will really feel that you had a day of tough exercise.

Total time 6 hours from 10-16.

Price SEK995 per person applies for 2-4 persons, larger groups ask for offer.

Ice-climbing is normally possible from December to April, with reservations for warm weather.

Hike and adventure trip to Turkey, May 2015

Fly / hike / climb / swim / hike / fly / adventure trip!

This trip is for the inexperienced but willing adventurer! Sort of a try out trip. May 9-16 2015

We will start the trip in Ölüdeniz, a town on with beautiful beaches and surroundings, about one and a half hour from Dalaman Airport.


Day 1 is spent acclimatizing to the warm and humid air, maybe going to the nice sandy beach for a swim, relaxing and perhaps a visit to the Hamam, a traditional Turkish bath. It’s also a great day to get to know the group.

Day 2 we’ll start early and drive by bus to the top of Babadag, 1900 mts above the ocean and with a beautiful view over the area and on a clear day you can see Rhodes on the horizon. From here the experienced Skysports tandem pilots take us on an amazing 30 minute flight to Butterfly valley. Flying here is one of three ways to get there, and we continue by hiking out (the third way is by boat). A three-hour hike up the hillside with rope and harness for those who wish, is a real adventure. For those who like some more hiking (taking the bus is another option) we continue walking through the old villages to Kabak Valley where we enjoy a swim and then a 2 course dinner and beautiful bungalows close to the beach.

Day 3 is snorkeling day. We will be picked up by boat and taken to a beautiful and secluded beach, where we can snorkel and relax all day. Beach lunch is included. In the afternoon a yoga instructor will help us relax during an hour watching the sun set in the ocean.

Day 4 we explore the Kabak surroundings. After breakfast we will head up the hill and hike to a beautiful waterfall. Those who want can try some rope climbing on the steep rocks and the reward is a cool dip in the mountain pools. The afternoon is open for own explorations and a yoga session ends this day too.

Day 5 is another hiking day. A 3-4 hour hike take us up to the village of Alinca where we find some food in one of the farm houses. From here we get picked up and driven to the summit of Babadag where our tandem pilots await us and fly us into the setting sun and Ölüdeniz.

Day 6 (Saturday) is going home day for those who wish, but if you like to stay an extra day, that can be arranged.

In one week you will try the following adventures:

  • Tandem Paragliding – from the top of Babadag, one of the worlds best paragliding sites
  • Steep hill hiking – a three-hour hike up a steep hillside with or without harness
  • Easy top rope climbing – a hike to a waterfall will be highlighted with rock climbing
  • Mountain hiking – hard and beautiful mountain hikes
  • Snorkeling – snorkeling in the Mediterranean Sea on secluded beach
  • Seaside yoga – in the sunset we yoga together with experienced instructor

On top of this we will enjoy great Turkish food, swimming in the ocean, relaxing in the spa and much more.

Price: €795 includes

  • Transfer Dalaman Airport – Ölüdeniz
  • Breakfasts all days
  • Lunch snorkeling day
  • 2 flights from Babadag (€100 discount for each cancelled flight)
  • 3 dinners
  • all instructors and equipment


Please send us an email at jonas@ressult.com or put  a comment down bellow. Maximum number of participants is 10 and minimum 4.

We will ask for a down payment of €300 2 months in advance OR if we have 10 guests sooner.





Price example flight  €240 return trip 2014-12-04

The sky is the limit

There is an idea in our society that there are no limits, that we can do anything if we just put our hearts to it. Maybe this is wrong (and maybe it is right), and maybe it takes away the joy and happiness of just being.

Here is how I think: if I am content and happy making meatballs for my kids, but the world needs saving. How can I make both? Will I be happy trying to save the world while my kids get prefabricated meatballs?

Lots of life coaches tell us to live to our full potential, but what is that – it seems to be a concept that is very elusive and hard to get to. Because when I have reached my full potential, if I do, what should I do then? And isn’t there always something new to aspire to?

I loved this talk by Canadian physician Gabor Maté on The Power of Addiction and The Addiction of Power and 5:30 into the talk he talks about the emptiness inside we try to fill with things. Maybe the idea that we can do anything comes from trying to fill the emptiness inside.

I am going to try to live with my emptiness, feel it and accept it.

Here is a clip I made inspired by his talk.

The art of teaching

Oh how wonderful when pieces fall into place!

Puzzle piece 1:


In the light of the fire hunting for Northern lights yesterday evening I asked my friends why the moon have different phases. Most of us have been taught a simplification in sshool, something I learned at the age of 35. Links to the actual ‘facts’ bellow.

Now, I am not against simplifications, life wouldn’t be practical without them, but I strongly believe that we get happier if we are aware of that our ‘truths’ are most likely simplifications that are probably false. Because if we regard them like that there is no reason to defend them, instead we can listen to others and learn more.

Puzzle piece 2:

This morning opening TED.COM to learn something while eating breakfast, I found this film:

I opened it to learn something about my own shyness, but found other ‘truths’. Kare Anderson is saying that (my interpretation) “everybody are best at something which gives a perspective to the saying that ‘if you are best in the room you are in the wrong room'” . She pointed towards that we all have something to learn from each other and that when we interact with people NOT like us we are more likely to learn new things.

Puzzle piece 3:

When I had finished my breakfast my new found friend John sent me a link through Facebook ’10 Lies You Were Probably Taught In School’, and gave me the idea to this post. Link bellow.

Puzzle piece 4:

Read David Bohm, On Dialogue and you will get it (or not) –  or link to earlier post here.


My four puzzle pieces lead to this puzzle of the day:

Dream School:

Teacher to the class: Today we will talk about Darwin’s theory on evolution. This theory is a simplification of truth.

If you first listen to the theory as I have been taught it, which is another simplification, we can then discuss your ideas regarding evolution.My sincere hope is that we all can learn something new here today!

As we do this, and you feel that somebody’s idea seems weird, bare in mind that a lot of people thought Darwin was crazy at the time. So everybody are entitled to their opinion without questioning or ridicule.


Links as promised:

10 Lies You Were Probably Taught In School, IFLS

Moon phases, Wikipedia

Moon Phases, Moon Connection

The meaning of life – in 12 minutes

This video from Tim Minchins speach at UWA just about sums up where I currently stand in life – so thank you Tim for sharing!

If you have an opinion – question it.

If you have one dream – don’t make it a tunnel, there is only one light at the end of the tunnel, but lots of lights on the sides

It is ok to live in micro dreams – just follow them and see where you end up.

It’s all luck – however you ended up where you are, it’s all luck or not, but if you are in a good place, be humble about it.

Ok, I am going to stay with this idea today, because it is one that I try to base my life on, and one that I have seen in different contexts the last couple of years. In Re-evaluation Counseling (Omvärderande parsamtal in Swedish) one of the basic assumptions is that in any give situation we make the best choice we can, given the resources we have at that time. Kay Pollack, NLP and Richard Brodie (in Getting Past OK) all talk about the same concept.

This concept might impose on your idea of “free will” and it might threaten your idea that you are where you are because of hard work, doing the right thing, or that you are simply better than others.

As I see it though, life is a timeline that starts when you are born (or maybe conceived) and ends up in the choices you make right now. And it has been that way all through your life (and everybody elses). When we make a bad decision it’s because that our previous experiences from life didn’t give us the possibility  to handle the situation in a better way, we just didn’t have a good enough toolbox. If you make a good decision it’s because you had the right tool, and that was given to you prior to the point were you could make the choice.

Think of a time when you made a bad decision, and think about what other choices you could have made. Then ask yourself why you didn’t make another one. Your answer might be: “I did not know of the other choices” or “I did not have time to think about other choices”.

Now extend this idea to all the choices you make yourself and all the choices that others make. In my case it makes me 1) want to extend the toolbox I have to be able to make better choices all the time, choices that make me come closer to my long and short term goals, 2) don’t put myself or others down for making bad choices, we all tried our best.

Now how is this idea compatible with the idea of 100% responsibility for you r own actions? Time to go running!