Personal reflections

Personal reflections on life, learning, development, adventure and most of all happiness and joy.

A clue to being me – Excitement junkie

During a skiing day with my friend Jennie and her friend Tomas, Jennie said: “you are very much alike, you need the excitement to get your serotonin levels going. I have another friend” she continued ” who’s girlfriend tells him to go bungee jumping when he gets too anxious around the house”. This is exactly […]

First time in a Cable Park

Trying new things, especially if I feel a bit uncomfortable, is a great idea! Even more so if there is a chance of making a fool out of myself, because then I have to handle the feeling of people laughing at me (something that rarely happens, just a feeling). I have also noticed that one of […]

Trying something new: personal blogging

I am now starting a new side of Adventure With Jonas – personal insights- and because the greatest adventure is within ourselves I feel that it’s relevant to the site. You will find these articles under it’s own tag (Personal Reflections), and I will post these in English, since it is more spoken than Swedish, […]

Inspiration for new adventures at Fotografiska

Don’t miss Fotografiska muséets (Photographic Museum in Stockholm) amazing exhibition Genesis by Sebastião Salgado. Loads of inspiration for coming adventures, so much to see and experience in this world, and reflection over the state of the environment comes like a tidal wave!Link to the museum site here #phtography #fotografiska #museum #exhibition