About the blog

I am Jonas and here you can follow my adventure, my developement, my photographs and my recipes. Among other things. Since some years back I live and work in Åre. I guide, photograph, run my own kite school, coach among other odd jobs that I find along the way.

In my oppinion life is constant developement, in essence to become a better person. I am struggling just like you are, and all our partners in life.

And life is an adventure, if we only let it be!

And it might be the only adventure we get.

If you have an adventure to share, please let me know!

Take care, live well and with insight // Jonas

Power of addiction revisited

Power of addiction revisited

Keep coming back to this video by Gabor Mate. "If my mother is not happy around me she must not want me" - so simple and so devastating. I this why we try to feed our "hungry ghost" because feeling unwanted as children? Link to Wikipedia on Hungry Ghosts (5.30 into...

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