Adventure with Jonas is about life

Nature guiding

I love our nature and the ability to grow in it. I burn to show our beautiful mountains and to inspire others to learn to navigate in a safe and comfortable way, summer and winter. It may be a bit challenging, but afterwards it makes the comforts back home feel like luxury afterwards.

Camping, ski-touring, kiting, hiking or just heading out for a open fire dinner or some coffee, everything is great with nature as company.


Just as much as I love nature I realise that to be able to fully enjoy being human, I have to keep developing, both physically and mentally. To learn how to handle unexpected situations and relations, and to learn how to feel and how to handle those feelings. On this journey through life I have aquired some knowledge and understanding and I’m happy to help you if you feel that you need to make a change in your life.

I use a mix of NLP and Re-evaluation Counseling when coaching.


My passion for photography probably comes from my lack of ordinary memory for images. I shoot whatever scenery I am in, most often nature and people in nature. If you like my photos I happily make prints from them on paper or canvas. 

Life should be good

Life to me, is about adventures, the inner journey and the external adventure. Large or small, a short hike to get som coffee in the setting sun or a four day hike across the mountains in the winter. I now invite you to join me!

In the end though, life is about finding inner peace and joy, to do whatever it is that make you feel better. For me it’s nature, people, to experience something together  and to keep growing. What do you need?

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