Adventures for you in Åre

I love nature and especially the mountains.

Adventure With Jonas is about passion.

The passion for being out in nature.My vision is that more people will have the opportunity to experience nature, challenge themselves and develop through it, whether it is as a group, a family or an individual.

I organize the adventure experience taking into account each participant's wishes, whether it is a day on the ski slope, camping in the snow under starry skies, climbing a mountain or hiking far in the mountains one day.

Your own adventure, you're the one setting the limits.

Have you had a dream for a long time? Give me some details about your dream and we'll organize an experience you'll never forget.With me you get to challenge yourself, feel what it feels like to live without all the comforts of everyday life and test your limits.

Set adventures

Use the menu to navigate my finished adventures, from small to large. If you are inspired and want to compose your own adventure, contact me immediately!

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