Do you want to see new possibilities and feel more energetic?

Does it sound like a good idea to get a richer life through conversation and look at the future with joy?

Coaching for me is help to change. I offer relaxed life style coaching, focusing on personal development and a better life. Starting with your current situation our conversation will move towards your future and give you new tools to meet your future.

During a day in the ski slope, in the lift, during the break and a coffee, hiking the mountain or cross country skiing, we will move your physical and mental being to a better place. At the same time we can enjoy the fantastic nature in Åre.

Price active coaching 1 hour SEK 750, 4 hours SEK 2 500

  • I am trained in NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and Counseling Couples Therapy
  • I believe that every human being always act from their best current ability and that we must get better tools if we like to change
  • I believe that physical and mental activity is interconnected, and like to coach outdoors and together with movement

Naturen är en fantastisk plats för utveckling

NOTE: I am no ski coach, but I can give you some notes if you decide that you want to get coached in the slopes.

Book on or call +46 760 51 06 06

For more reading in my beliefes read (in Swedish) personal reflections here

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