Husky on the mountain

October is coming to an end and my friend Christoffer sent a note in the morning to join him on a hike up the mountain to see if there was some good snow. I had decided not to do anything this morning but fix up my house, but it was a long time since I visited the mountain and I also wanted to check out how Elvis the husky I adopted from Ireland some months ago handled ski touring with us.

So after breakfast I picked up Christoffer and we started our hike from Ullådalen and went up the not too snowy slopes –  sometimes more rocky than snowy. This would hurt our skis, especially Christoffer’s new ones – I was prepared with my throw-aways.

After about 30 minutes we decided to have a coffee and head back down. There wasn’t much snow to have fun in, but the reward was a great time with my friend, good coffee, some excercise and thses pics of Elvis the Husky!


All pics can be bought as prints, canvases or to be digitally used

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