Surfing is not an easy task – there’s a reason why so many women love surfers. After 30 minutes my shoulders and back were totally numb, and I consider myself in fairly good shape.
After passing Punta Lola (too tough) and a couple of other beaches (too crowded) we ended up on a beach we close to Cotilla with long nice waves breaking both further out and closer to the beach. I almost made it one or two times, but paddled too much and got tired. Tobias explained that I should wait 20 minutes and rest “your wave will come” but I couldn’t find a comfortable position to rest. I guess I have to practice my sitting position first.

So after a short break I went back in to practice sitting on the board, but I got caught up by the moment and chased some new waves, and bam – I got into a great wave and ALMOST made it up on the board. Next time!

Tobias stayed out like all the time like the hard core surfer he is. But finally even he got tired and we rested a bit on the beach before checking out Cotilla. Cotilla is a slumbering town with lots of buildings half built or half deteriorated – cool in a laid back kind of way.

2013-11-030 2013-11-031

Only picture you get is from Cotilla because I realized first then that I forgot the SD-card to the camera in my computer… over and out!

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