First kiting session on my own

Yesterday I bought the kiting equipment, even a helmet and wet suit. Everything used but good stuff. Took me about 2 hours to get everything after they had to steal screws from almost every other board in the shop.

Afterwards we went straight to Flag beach and got the kite up. I went in the water with the board and I almost managed to start on the first try, but the kite was not working with me.

Yeah, this is me, almost kite surfing





After several tries and loosing the board a couple of times, trying to walk on the smooth but hard corals, I had to give up. I had noticed that all of a sudden it was only me and one more person surfing, not including the surfer far out at sea with a crashed kite. No wind and my kite seemed to behave strangely, maybe not pumped up enough or something wrong with the lines, as suggested by a more experienced kiter.

So we packed up, making a mental note to check tides and my gear by someone more experienced next time. Tobias was eager to surf so we turned our rental car south where he had heard that the waves were better.

Surfing at Playa de la Pared

First we went to Pozo Negro, still on the easy coast, but no waves, so we headed even further south and to the west coast and Playa de la Pared. Here Tobias found a decent swell with nice breaking waves. I also tried to surf a little and even got up for a couple of seconds. Tobias stayed in the water until the sun set, and I got some nice pictures. The scenery here is quite amazing and even if you don’t surf you should definitely go here.

Link to surf (or less) movie!







Today with no wind I am renting my own beginners board to see of surfing is doable too. The surfer stuck out at sea, well they fetched him with a boat, and I was lucky it wasn’t me.



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