Today’s kiting started really great, a couple of trips back and forth in the lagoon at Sotavento that felt really great. But unfortunately I was there a bit late after getting some new gear – a used 9 m kite, some screw for my board and a new harness (pampers style) – so the pool was going empty with the tide going out. So we (me and Chris) decided to kite the ocean instead.

After a semi good run I changed the length of the lines to make my kite turn faster. I had noticed a knot on the lines but I thought that it belonged there since so I did not pay much attention, but all of a sudden the kite behaved really strangely. So I took it down and the instructor helping me told me that the knot was accidental, and that it was my repsonsibillity to check it.

Fair enough, off into the water, trying to start in the shallow wake of the waves and boom, the kite gets a gust and the bord stuck in the sand. I fly 55 meters, give or take, land on my heal and the kite crashes. Damn that hurt. I am pretty sure the heal is broken so I call a guy and he gets the security driving around on the beach. He helps me and Chris tells me that he will take care of the equipment.

The heal is throbing, I can walk on the foot, but just barely. We get to the center after 5 minutes and already it feels better. Talking to a guy there he says that mostly it’s just a sharp pain from the nerves, and that the bone is almost always intact.



So I spend a couple of hours under my kite, with my foot in high position, using the wet suit to stop the blood flowing to my foot. The
Hopefully I can use it in the next couple of days… So if I am not better tomorrow I guess I’ll be the photographer on the beach.

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