Through my good friend Jonas Gustafsson I have been getting involved in Operation Freedom (Operation Frihet) that is a project aiming at putting 4 people using wheelchairs on the top of Kilimanjaro 2016.

Jonas lives with Friedreich’s Ataxia, a neurological disease that slowly kill your nerves, and decided that he would take control over his own life and decide his own possibilities. So after meeting Fredrik Sträng, Scandinavia’s greatest mountaineer, he decided that he would live his dream and become a mountaineer himself, starting with Mt Kilimanjaro.

Through Operation Freedom we want to help people feeling outside, helpless or hopeless, that they can take control over their own lives and live their own dreams.

I came in to the team as adviser and photographer, and the first kick-off was held in August this year at Idre Fjäll, a Swedish mountain resort. During one week we trained and the grand finale was climbing  Mt Städjan, a 1131 masl peak.

For more information check out Operation Freedom’s webpage and like us on facebook

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