Åre offers lots of out-door activities. Working for Camp Åre I got the privilege to guide a family of five from Belgium, who spent a couple of weeks in Åre over Christmas and New Years, on a snowshoeing hike.


I picked them up at Copper Hill Mountain Lodge and took them to Fröå, an old copper mine about 30 minutes from Åre. At a higher altitude than the village there was more snow in the forest and perfect for an excursion with snowshoes. The plan was to walk to a small lake up on the mountain but taken into account that the children were around ten years old I thought that it might be a too long walk in the snow, so I made a suggestion that we should maybe play around in the snow instead of taking the walk.


But we decided to walk and the kids were great, and did not complain at all for the one hour walk up the hill. We stopped short of the lake in a slope facing the sun to catch the little warmth the sun gives this time of the year. So we made a small fire and dug some seats in the snow to sit down and relax. But the kids had lots of energy, even though the walk had made me tired, and were running round in the snow with and without snowshoes.



After some warm drinks and buns it was time to pack up and go back down to Fröå, stopping on the way down to drink the fresh water in a stream that was still running due to the, for the year, warm weather.

Camp Åre offers everything you can and can’t imagine when it comes to activities. From Rally and Helicopter tours to ice fishing and kayaking.

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