I am now starting a new side of Adventure With Jonas – personal insights- and because the greatest adventure is within ourselves I feel that it’s relevant to the site.

You will find these articles under it’s own tag (Personal Reflections), and I will post these in English, since it is more spoken than Swedish, and I believe that my ideas are as valid in England, the US or Africa, as they are in Sweden.


David Bohm - On Dialogue

The greatest idea I have gotten lately is “On Dialogue” by David Bohm. He believes that our values get in the way of true knowledge, the knowledge that exist in groups. That “truth” can be found somewhere between my idea and everybody else’s ideas, and can therefore hardly be held by any one person.

The notion that we have to argue our “truths” is beyond the world of dialogue, where everybody are free to voice their opinions without having to defend them or use them to counterattack another opinion.

Taken into the world of NLP, that I am currently studying, it also seems reasonable that if you like to change another persons opinion, making them protect their idea, only makes it stronger. Better voice your opinion and then let it go. If your idea holds truth, it’s more likely that they will get around to it that way.

This is my goal, but it is a very hard road to travel, since our whole society seems so focused on conflict and argument. But the next time you get into an argument, try to take a step to the side and watch it from an outside angle, maybe you can see why you aren’t getting anywhere together.

Some links:

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