Find hotels boring? Try winter camping!

Would you like to see and experience something new. We arrange camping somewhere close to Åre resort, location depending on wind and snow. Sometimes under a starlit sky, sometimes in full storm. Always an adventure!

Vintercamping och frukost i det fria

Winter camping breakfast

But even if the weather outside seem unpredictable the tent is always warm and cosy, and thanks to great equipment from leading manufacturers you will be comfortable and warm inside the sleeping bag.

If the unexpected should happen during the night (we are out in nature after all) you will always have the guide sleeping in the tent next to yours.

Winter camping also offers some of the best possibilities to see Nordic Lights, but the feeling of a sparkling Milky Way above is unbelievable.

For breakfast we’ll arrange a typical expedition breakfast and coffee or tea. After breakfast you can enjoy a day hiking, skiing or exploring Åre.

The price €270 /2 persons include

All equipment excluding personal clothing and (if necessary) skis, including

  • inside liner for the sleeping bag, naturally washed between clients
  • thermos, water bottle, kitchen appliances
  • expedition breakfast (please let us now of allergies when booking,  gluten and lactose free is standard)
  • max 6 persons

Call +46 76 051 06 06 for reservations or email for information

Additional adventures

XC skiing or snow shoe hiking (incl equipment and lunch) full day €150 per person

Turskidåkning med pulka

Cross country skiing with pulka

We start the day renting equipment (if possible we set it up before you arrive) and start hiking with skis and pulkas  towards the mountain or the valley. Under ways we cook a lunch and maybe we will see reindeer, ptarmigan (native bird) or even a fox. We will adapt the hike depending on previous knowledge, age and experience.

Whole day with snow kiting lessons €120 per person (incl equipment and lunch)

Snökiting vid Ullådalen

Snow kiting at Ullådalen

During a day you will learn the basics of snow kiting and with help only of the wind race over the mountain. After lunch and getting the idea, you will get to try some larger kites.

Link to a movie of snow kiting on the lake

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