There is an idea in our society that there are no limits, that we can do anything if we just put our hearts to it. Maybe this is wrong (and maybe it is right), and maybe it takes away the joy and happiness of just being.

Here is how I think: if I am content and happy making meatballs for my kids, but the world needs saving. How can I make both? Will I be happy trying to save the world while my kids get prefabricated meatballs?

Lots of life coaches tell us to live to our full potential, but what is that – it seems to be a concept that is very elusive and hard to get to. Because when I have reached my full potential, if I do, what should I do then? And isn’t there always something new to aspire to?

I loved this talk by Canadian physician Gabor Maté on The Power of Addiction and The Addiction of Power and 5:30 into the talk he talks about the emptiness inside we try to fill with things. Maybe the idea that we can do anything comes from trying to fill the emptiness inside.

I am going to try to live with my emptiness, feel it and accept it.

Here is a clip I made inspired by his talk.

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