Trying new things, especially if I feel a bit uncomfortable, is a great idea! Even more so if there is a chance of making a fool out of myself, because then I have to handle the feeling of people laughing at me (something that rarely happens, just a feeling).

I have also noticed that one of the difficulties (maybe the only one) in learning new things when coming to age, is that I feel uncomfortable asking people for help, because I am often in environments that I already learned how to handle.

But now to the adventure: during the just finished trip to Spain I tried wake boarding at Cable Ski Marbella.The first time for meI might add so not much action. I did finish with a bad excuse for a jump that luckily enough did not get photographed.

Great fun though but need more practice and right muscles (comes from more practice). This is something I definitely will try again, especially since it is good training for the snowboard and snow kite season.

Link to Cable Ski Marbella

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