Oh how wonderful when pieces fall into place!

Puzzle piece 1:


In the light of the fire hunting for Northern lights yesterday evening I asked my friends why the moon have different phases. Most of us have been taught a simplification in sshool, something I learned at the age of 35. Links to the actual ‘facts’ bellow.

Now, I am not against simplifications, life wouldn’t be practical without them, but I strongly believe that we get happier if we are aware of that our ‘truths’ are most likely simplifications that are probably false. Because if we regard them like that there is no reason to defend them, instead we can listen to others and learn more.

Puzzle piece 2:

This morning opening TED.COM to learn something while eating breakfast, I found this film:

I opened it to learn something about my own shyness, but found other ‘truths’. Kare Anderson is saying that (my interpretation) “everybody are best at something which gives a perspective to the saying that ‘if you are best in the room you are in the wrong room'” . She pointed towards that we all have something to learn from each other and that when we interact with people NOT like us we are more likely to learn new things.

Puzzle piece 3:

When I had finished my breakfast my new found friend John sent me a link through Facebook ’10 Lies You Were Probably Taught In School’, and gave me the idea to this post. Link bellow.

Puzzle piece 4:

Read David Bohm, On Dialogue and you will get it (or not) –  or link to earlier post here.


My four puzzle pieces lead to this puzzle of the day:

Dream School:

Teacher to the class: Today we will talk about Darwin’s theory on evolution. This theory is a simplification of truth.

If you first listen to the theory as I have been taught it, which is another simplification, we can then discuss your ideas regarding evolution.My sincere hope is that we all can learn something new here today!

As we do this, and you feel that somebody’s idea seems weird, bare in mind that a lot of people thought Darwin was crazy at the time. So everybody are entitled to their opinion without questioning or ridicule.


Links as promised:

10 Lies You Were Probably Taught In School, IFLS

Moon phases, Wikipedia

Moon Phases, Moon Connection

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